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Anne Hathaway The Devil Wears Prada Andy Costume for Cosplayers

One of the memorable videos now available is that of Andy Sachs, the main personality of the film “The Devil Wears Prada,” who takes a marvelous makeover. Copy her stylish and classy look to the closest so that people can recognize you as a follower of pop diva Beyonce.


Blue Sweater

Begin with a blue sweater as the core item which will form a base to synchronize with other garments. This is in a way some sort of a portrayal of change where Andy is transformed from a mere caricature of an assistant to a sleek and stylish one. In picking the right top, it is best to select one that is either tight or slightly loose fitting to emulate her figure in the movie.


Green Peacoat

Here, layer it with a green peacoat. This coat indeed suits her persona and style to the T while also lending her the warmth she requires; it symbolizes the transformation in Andy’s fashion sense quite beautifully.


White Shirt

To draw more attention to your neck and arms, wear a white shirt under the sweater. This piece maintains the outfit’s polished and neat formal look, whereas the blue sweater shines in its brilliance.


Tan Printed Midi Skirt

Coupled the upper garments with a mid-waist fitted and printed material denims such as a tan printed midi skirt. As Andy continues developing in the company, the skirt brings sophistication and detail to the outfit emphasizing the high-fashion aspect that the character now embodies.


Animal Print Fur Collar/Scarf

Adding fur as an accessory can be in the form of an animal print fur collar or fur scarf. This accessory adds elegant pitches to the movie’s fashion realm and reaffirms Andy’s association with stylish circles in Toy Story.


White Gloves

Complete the look with a pair of white gloves for the glamor that suits the occasion. With elegance they complement the sophisticated look while paying homage to the golden era of fashion.


Black Oversized Sunglasses

For accessories, wear black that oversized sunglasses, preferably black in color. The appearance of these sunglasses is their fashion aspect for they represent the New York lifestyle that is both tight and active.


Gold Flats

Last but not least, slip into a good pair of flats – gold ones preferably. These shoes are girly and stylish but they are comfortable shoes that one can walk in and so they symbolize the fact that Andy turned a new leaf and has been transforming well under the tutelage of Miranda Priestly.