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Ben 10 Ben Tennyson Costume for Cosplayers

When it comes to dressing up as Ben Tennyson from the famous children’s animated series Ben 10, there are certain ideas for creating the perfect costume you should remember. So if you like Ben Tennyson from the cartoon or in the Alien Force, here is a step-by-step technique to getting the look with items that are easily accessible. 


To recreate Ben Tennyson costume from the old series, one would need to have the black and white t-shirt that he is best associated with. It’s important because it symbolizes Ben’s personality and is a main detail of his outfit – a shirt with a contrasting and massive print. To enhance the compatibility, it is recommended that the shirt be matched with green cargo pants. These pants can not only correspond to Ben’s costume at the beginning but also give a functional and comfortable option for any type of existence. And, of course, no matter what costume Ben 10 wears, the Omnitrix cannot be missing. An Omnitrix toy watch can be bought in various toy shops or even online which is an added touch in the transformation into Ben Tennyson. The final touch to the Ben Tennyson costume can be a pair of black and white sneakers. 


If you want something more up to date then get the green jacket styled on the alien force series. This jacket is iconic and one of the first things one associates with this brand:For the t-shirt, one has to wear a plain black t-shirt when putting on a jacket. The plain t-shirt is more aesthetic and does not distract attention from the jacket, it even contributes to the creation of a clean and contemporary line. Replace the cargo pants with a pair of slim fit blue jeans. These jeans are a little more modern in design and look better with the jacket and the rest of the Ben Tennyson Ben 10 costume. As a variation to the omnitrix, a green and black watch may be used while pretending to be Ben from Alien force. Incorporate it with black and white canvas sneakers. These shoes complete the look and make sure that the wearer does not only look like but also feel like Ben Tennyson.