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Penn Badgley You Joe Goldberg Costume Guide for Cosplayers

In the thriller series “You,” Joe Goldberg encounters various individuals, including Love Quinn, a complex character entwined in Joe’s dark and twisted world. As an independent and enigmatic figure, Love captivates Joe with her charm and secrets, adding layers to the suspenseful narrative. Her presence challenges Joe’s perceptions and adds depth to the intricate storyline of obsession and deception.


To embody Joe Goldberg from “You,” gather these key elements for an authentic costume. Start with a Denim Jacket layered over a White T-shirt and a Blue Shirt, capturing Joe’s casual yet layered look. Complete the ensemble with a Blue Denim Cap, adding a touch of his signature style. For added authenticity, carry a Baby Carrier with a Baby Doll inside, representing Joe’s complex relationship with fatherhood and his obsession with love interests.


With attention to detail and these carefully selected components, you’ll portray Joe Goldberg with authenticity, ready to navigate the intricate world of “You.”