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Jujutsu Kaisen Suguru Geto Costume Guide for Cosplayers

Suguru Geto is probably one of the most revered antagonists in the series of “Jujutsu Kaisen”’ due to his mysterious and rather wily personality. Once sympathizing with the protagonists, he becomes one of their enemies, a highly powered character with an abundance of cursed energy and masters special jujutsu style. As a mastermind of a conspiracy, Geto’s motive in the series regards power and encompasses a creaky tapestry of beliefs. By having a dark appearance and being an incredibly smart character, he adds intrigue and constantly shifts dynamics to the show and the Jujutsu Kaisen world.


To imitate Suguru Geto Costume from the jujutsu Kaisen series, you should begin with the original Suguru Geto cosplay robe in Navy Blue and a similar color harem pant to capture the genuine look. Watch out for his Geto Suguru replica wig so as to mimic his rather charismatic hairstyle. 


To complement that, wear white socks and Geto sandals with burgundy straps to round off the Suguru Geto Jujutsu Kaisen Costume well. Be precise about some aspects like the blue color of the floor and the manner in which you have styled it to suit the character. 

This two-piece Suguru Geto Costume is ideal to cosplay as Suguru Geto, the enigmatic and potent character from jujutsu Kaisen.