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Jemaine Clement What We Do in the Shadows Vladislav Costume Guide

The horror mockumentary inspires Vladislav’s costume, What We Do In The Shadow. Jemaine Clement plays the role. He is the main character. His amazing and unique personality is admired and loved by the audience. We have compiled a costume for his fans that contains a light gray fur long overcoat. It is worn with a slim-fit blazer along with a white vest. A Light gray dress pant is used as a bottom.

Jemaine Clement’s What We Do in the Shadows costume has a black long-hair wig. White jabot and wristlet, white masquerade mask, gray scarf, black artificial mustache and goatee, and teeth fangs. All are considered as the major components of recreating a look like him. White shiny dress shoes add delicacy to it.