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Lord of The Rings Bilbo Baggins Costume Guide for Cosplayers

Bilbo Baggins’ costume is inspired by the famous movie, Lord Of The Rings. The role is played by Martin Freeman and is the most well-known character. He is a hobbit and he is a character who begrudgingly goes along on an epic quest. He considers himself to be so cowardly to end up in a critical situation. His costume contains a velvet blazer and a tweed waistcoat. It can be worn with a banded collar shirt and flat-front pant. 


Bilbo Baggins’ Lord of The Rings Costume is a replica of the one worn by the character. It has some other things including his signature brown wig with ears, blue blanket, brown backpack, fake sting sword, brown tobacco pipe, and ring pendant necklace. The outfit cannot be completed without artificial giant feet and a wooden stick.