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Rutger Hauer Blade Runner Roy Batty Costume Cosplayers

Roy Batty Costume is the inspiration from the popular 1982 film, Blade Runner. He is a phenomenal character in the film and is played by Rutger Hauer. He  is a replicant, an android built for the sole purpose of fighting in places seen as too dangerous for humans. To imitate his look, you need to wear a long classical black leather trench coat that can be worn with a slim-fit shirt and cargo pant. You can use a black leather cord and glue gun to make specific details like Roy’s coat.   

Rutger Hauer Blade Runner Costume is the perfect choice for his fans who want to replicate his look. You can either bleach your hair or can opt for a blonde hair wig. A dove prop is an essential element of his look. You can wear white and black lace-up sneakers with it.