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Blue Exorcist Rin Okumura Costume for Cosplayers

Rin’s costume is the inspiration from the very dynamic character of the most-liked and interesting manga anime series, Blue Exorcist. He is the son of Satan. In his demonic form, blue flames emanate from his head, he has long elf-like ears, and his eyes have red pupils with blue irises. Although Rin can be violent and gets into many fights. To cosplay him, you need to get your hands on his signature uniform outfit that includes a coat, pants, shirt, and necktie. It is a carbon copy of the one worn by him in the show.


Furthermore, it has a blue-colored anime wig to imitate his hairstyle, fake furry tail, silver wallet chain, and fake pointy elf ears as well as a katana sword. Knee-high costume boots are the perfect match for it.