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Emily Blunt The Fall Guy Jody Moreno Costume for Cosplayers

In this Jody Moreno Costume blog, we’re diving into two fabulous outfits inspired by iconic characters: The trend of clothing of the Jody Moreno character as worn by Heather Graham and the character of Emily Blunt in the film “The Fall Guy”.


To complete the look of Jody Moreno, capture her adventurous spirit by going for Pink Coveralls. Such endearing coveralls are a hall-marks of her bravery and the fearlessness; they are fit for any expedition. The Straw Hat makes the outfit look more country and when wearing the Jody Moreno Costume you are shielded from the sun as you go through the fields.


For an alternative look, you can opt for a Dusty Rose Shirt to minimize the brightness of the color but still provide a sort of contrast. For the finishing touch, wear a Purple Tank Top under the shirt to paint Jody in the colors bloggers love.


Put the Emily Blunt The Fall Guy Costume together with Orange Jeans to provide energy that will capture the spirit of Jody. Accessorize with the Wide Brown Belt to give a chic finish to what is otherwise a basically rustic design.


In this case, this collection will aid you in capturing Jody Moreno’s kind adventurous soul and her fearlessness when it comes to the mystery of the unknown. It is a dress code that will enlighten the woman and adventure, which will best suit the woman power lover.