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Emma Stone Poor Things Bella Baxter Costume

Emma Stone breathes life into the complex character of Bella Baxter in “Poor Things.” As a captivating and enigmatic figure, Stone’s portrayal captures the essence of the character’s charm and mystery. Bella, with her unique style and compelling story, becomes a central figure in this intriguing narrative. Stone’s performance adds depth to the character, making Bella Baxter an unforgettable presence in the cinematic world of “Poor Things.”

Channel Emma Stone’s Bella Baxter from “Poor Things” with these captivating costume options. Opt for a delicate look with a white sleeveless ruffle top paired with a rose pink chiffon maxi skirt. Complement the ensemble with a long black wig and white Victorian boots for a touch of vintage charm.

Alternatively, embrace a darker aesthetic with a black gothic trench coat, gray thigh-high socks, and black knee-high Victorian boots for an edgier interpretation of Bella Baxter.

For a more casual flair, consider a blue puff sleeve cropped jacket paired with yellow shorts. Complete the look with black eyebrow pencil, showcasing Bella’s distinct style. Choose the outfit that resonates with you to embody the unique charm of Emma Stone’s character in “Poor Things” at your next costume event.