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Gotham Jervis Tetch Costume Guide for Cosplayers

Jervis Tetch costume is inspired from the popular American Tv series, Gotham. It is worn by Benedict Samuel. His personality and dressing both are very classy and inspire his fans to replicate his look. The costume contains a long fitted coat available in grey color, and can be worn with a blue waistcoat and pant. Full sleeve shirt is used as a lower. It is further embellished with black bow tie and silver cufflinks, making it more appealing.  

Gotham Benedict Samuel costume has a black western hat which is his signature style. To get the resembled look of him you need a fake brown mustache, beard, and black curly hair wig. Tactical gloves are also included. As he is a hypnotist, therefore watch with a chain is mandatory. Replica pistol prop adds thrill to your costume. Black leather shoes look trendy with it.