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Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume Guide for Cosplayers

Harley Quinn costume is inspired by the movie, Suicide Squad. The costume contains a red and blue jacket having the “Property Of Joker” logo at the back side. It is a replica of the one worn by the character in the movie. Signature “Daddy’s lil princess” shirt and studded shorts along with black leggings look phenomenal. Harley Quinn’s unique belt and holster are the must haves. Cool leather gloves, baseball bat, and replica gun are the most important components of the costume as she is a psychotic Villain.

Margot Robbie Suicide Squad costume further has lots of accessories including cosplay bracelets, gold spike cuffs, white leather choker, long curly ponytail wig, makeup kit having all essential shades, and some significant tattoos of Harley Quinn. High quality leather boots not only look best but also make it trendy.