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Millie Gibson Doctor Who Ruby Sunday Costume Guide for Cosplayers

Ruby Sunday is a formidable and mysterious character from the iconic sci-fi series “Doctor Who.” As a member of the “Thijarians,” she possesses advanced technology and a deep understanding of time and space. With her enigmatic demeanor and striking appearance, Ruby Sunday captivates viewers with her presence and leaves an indelible mark on the Doctor’s adventures.


Dive into the world of Ruby Sunday from Doctor Who with this detailed costume guide. Begin by donning a Black and White Cropped Leather Jacket for a sleek and edgy look. Pair it with a vibrant Red Crewneck Sweater for a pop of color. Style your lower half with a Red and Navy Plaid Skirt, complemented by Black Sheer Tights for added flair. Complete the outfit with Black Combat Boots for a touch of ruggedness.


To perfect Ruby Sunday’s distinctive appearance, accessorize with Silver Gold Halo Earrings, a Silver Chain Necklace, and a Silver Tassel Necklace for a touch of elegance. Adorn your fingers with a set of Silver Chunky Rings for added glam. Finish off the look with Short Platinum Blonde with Roots Wig to capture Ruby’s unique hairstyle, and apply Black Nail Polish for the final touch. With attention to detail, you’ll embody the enigmatic and stylish Ruby Sunday, ready to embark on adventures through time and space alongside the Doctor!