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Tom Payne The Walking Dead Jesus Costume Guide for Cosplayers

Paul Rovia’s costume is inspired from the Tv series, The Walking Dead. it is worn by the character Jesus. He is the leading character of the series as well as a peacemaker. His calm and charming personality inspires his fans to imitate his look. The costume consists of a long coat in stunning brown color giving you a stylish look. It can be worn with a regular fit t-shirt and black vest, helping you to mimic his attire.

The Walking Dead Jesus costume has a fitted black pant along with a tactical buckle belt. To get the exact cosplay look like him you need a men’s straight hair wig, jesus sideburns with brown beard. These are the fundamental part of the costume. Leather gloves and black wool hat are also included. Lace up black boots are the best match for your outfit.