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Victoria Pedretti You Love Quinn Costume Guide for Cosplayers

In “You,” Victoria Pedretti portrays Love Quinn, a complex and enigmatic character. Love is introduced as an aspiring chef with a charming and compassionate demeanor. However, beneath her warm exterior lies a dark and secretive past, leading to intricate layers of intrigue and mystery. Love’s character adds depth and unpredictability to the captivating narrative of the series.


Transform into Love Quinn from “You” with this stylish costume ensemble inspired by Victoria Pedretti’s portrayal. Start with an A Fresh Tart Logo Apron, capturing Love’s iconic bakery aesthetic. Layer it over a Short Sleeve Ribbed Shirt for a casual yet chic look. Add a Mock-Neck Short Sleeve Sweater for warmth and style, perfect for cooler weather. Complete the outfit with a Wooden Spoon, essential for Love’s baking endeavors and adding an authentic touch to your ensemble. With this meticulously crafted costume, you’ll embody Love Quinn’s charming and enigmatic persona, ready to whip up both delectable pastries and dark secrets. Whether you’re attending a costume party or simply channeling Love’s unique style, this ensemble captures the essence of the character with sophistication and flair.