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Amandla Stenberg The Acolyte Mae Costume for Cosplayers

Dive into The Acolyte’s beautifully mysterious world by embracing Mae’s enigmatic appeal and stepping character into a fantastic adventure. Here are the important components of cosplaying her.


The Acolyte Mae Cosplay Outfit

With those beautifully replicated cosplay costumes which are transformed into Mae from The Acolyte. Let Mae look enigmatic and make the thing that makes her charismatic as organic as possible.


Fake Dagger Knife

Each Mae costume is incomplete without the dagger as it is an important part of her outfit. If you are an ardent follower of Acolyte and wish to combine the risky attempt with your clothing then you can use this fake dagger knife.


Black Brown Braid Wig

This long braided wig is indeed a perfect recreation of Mae’s style with those ghastly braids on the side. You need to replicate her sultry look and act rather dramatically similar to the character from the head to toe.


Black Military Combat Boots

It is important to note that these black military combat boots can be worn to accompany Mae cosplay and they are very durable. These boots harmonize with The Acolyte in the best way possible, although, if you’re going on any adventure Mae does not shy away from action that The Acolyte offers.


Here are the costume elements picked up before entering the world of The Acolyte for obvious reasons. For conventions, costume parties in general sessions where people become the characters from movies like The Acolyte. The quest for the real spirit of Mae or simply for the opportunity to immerse oneself in the world depicted in the movie.