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Lee Jung-jae The Acolyte Sol Costume for Cosplayers

Meet the enigmatic, Sol, a mysterious character from “The Acolyte” portrayed by Lee Jung-jae. Delve into his world of intrigue and mystery as you embody his captivating presence.


Yord Fander Cosplay Outfit:

Relive the excitement of The Acolyte with this highly detailed Yord Fander cosplay that is sure to make you stand out. Show the character’s mysterious appearance and become his mystery in all its aspects as authentically as possible.


White Long-Hooded Cloak

Be mysterious in this eye-catching amethyst-colored long hooded cloak tonight. Wearing this cloak, you will look like a true follower of Acolyte and owner of Yord Fander’s mysterious attitude because at least for would-be vampires you will be mysterious for sure.


Black Brown Short Wavy Wig.

Dress as Yord Fender with this black/ brown short wavy wig. Copy his extraordinary hairdo and adopt his special energy throughout your clothing, body, and even your spirit as you become that character.


Light Up Saber Prop

This is a recognized light-up saber prop model accurate to the movie’s version. Before revealing my actual opinion about the piece, let me mention that this object complements your Yord Fander outfit perfectly and adds the feel of the series to your cosplay.


Brown Knee-High Boots

With that further heavensider armor in mind, make sure that you ground your Yord Fander cosplay with these sturdy brown knee-high boots. As the embodiment of his adventurous and erected character, these boots are to guarantee you are always prepared for the journey The Acolyte is to offer you.