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Anne Hathaway Ella Enchanted Ella of Frell Costume for Cosplayers

We should first carry out a step by step illustration of the magical Ella of Frell costume worn by Anne Hathaway in the movie “Ella Enchanted”.


Starting with the White Renaissance Puff Sleeve Blouse comes from Ella’s elegant style. Pair it with a light blue skirt as a reminder of her magical and girlish dimension, which she comes from. Wear a brown belt to give shape to your waist that lends support and completes the iconic style. This way one will need to wear a brown wig so that she could have the hairstyle that Ella had in order to have a complete Anne Hathaway Ella Enchanted Costume transformation.


Perhaps a light blue velvet cape will inspire everyone for a fairy-tale princess, won’t it? For functionality in addition to enhancing the rustic look that depicts Ella’s personality, it is recommended that she wears light brown Moccasins.

As it has been mentioned, wearing this perfect Ella of Frell costume, the spirit and bravery of Ella from Frell will be with everyone for the next adventure.