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Christian Bale American Psycho Patrick Bateman Costume for Cosplayers

Let me introduce the main character of the film based on the shocking novel “American Psycho” – Patrick Bateman in the role of Christian Bale who did his best to embody this mysterious character. Bateman is a thirty-year-old Wall Street banker by day, and a calm, driven, and ambitious individual who blends well with his peers, but at night he is a savage murderer. Although he appears to be pleasant and well-mannered, there is a side of him filled with evil inclinations that include violence and more than what is necessary.

To capture the creepy Patrick Bateman persona as portrayed by Christian Bale in ‘American Psycho’, wear a summer pinstripe suit outfit. Begin with a men’s tailored black pinstripe suit jacket and trousers to provide a smooth texture to the image in combination with suspenders. Wear it with a clean blue dress shirt and a dark red silk tie with a few faint stripes. Coordinate a black belt with the black suit and then polished black oxford shoes, to complement the outfit you can add a silver tie clip and a designer wristwatch. Give your hair a neat and polished look, and act arrogant like the famous character of Bateman if you want to represent this outstanding character. Do not forget to pick up an axe makeup or a prop and some fake blood too. In this ensemble, you will feel like a Wall Street banker from Gordon Gekko to a higher power.