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Viggo Mortensen The Fellowship of the Ring Aragorn Costume Guide

Aragorn’s costume is inspired from the popular film series, named The Lord of the Rings. It is worn by the character “Aragorn”., played by Viggo Montenson. It is the exact replicant cosplay costume for Ring’s fans. It consists of a brown long sleeves jacket, slim-fit sweater, viking pirate costume shirt, pale gray cloak with oversize hood, and elastic waistband sweatpant, helping you to get your desired outwear. This costume should be the definite purchase of the fans. 

To accessorize your Aragorn outfit you further need a Rubie’s leaf pin, leather shirt blouse belt, brown hand gloves, Lord of the Rings necklace, and a synthetic silver sword. Don’t forget to take a long hair wavy wig to create a carbon copy look. Black buckled boots look perfect with it.